Ofsted Information

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Effectiveness of leadership and management

Senior leaders have successfully established a culture that includes and values every pupil within the school community. Staff passionately support leaders’ vision for the school. They believe that pupils can achieve the best possible outcomes and provide the support needed to encourage them to do so. Leaders are well supported by staff, who work hard to deliver improvements at the school.

The curriculum is well planned, inclusive and meets pupils’ needs and aspirations. Pupils study a broad range of subjects that ensure they are very well prepared for the next steps of their education.

Pupils benefit from opportunities to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. These include sports, performing arts and contribution to charity work. Links with the local community continue to strengthen, providing a range of additional activities. These opportunities successfully contribute to pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural education.

The school’s culture of pastoral care and safeguarding is exemplary.  Pupils benefit from the high levels of support and care that they receive.  Parents comment extremely positively on this aspect of the school’s provision.

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

Highly positive relationships exist between pupils and their teachers. These relationships create a studious learning environment. Pupils are keen to learn and want to do well

Pupils value the high-quality dialogue they receive from their teachers and use this advice to improve their work.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

Pupils’ personal qualities make a very strong contribution to their academic achievement and personal development. Very strong positive relationships exist between staff and pupils. This creates effective conditions for learning and contributes to the high-quality pastoral support that benefits pupils. Staff and parents comment that the care and attention pupils receive is a real strength of the school

Pupils are extremely respectful and tolerant of each other. They know that abusive or discriminatory language is unacceptable and say that it is very rarely used. Bullying is uncommon

Pupils are proud of their school and wear their uniform correctly and smartly. They demonstrate their respect for the school environment by keeping it clean and tidy, and by looking after it well. Pupils take pride in their work, demonstrated by their neat and tidy books. Pupils would recommend their school to others.

Outcomes for pupils

Outcomes for pupils have increased sharply since the previous inspection. They are now consistently similar to those achieved nationally for all pupils across a range of subjects, including English and mathematics

The proportion of disadvantaged pupils achieving good GCSE grades in English and mathematics improved sharply in 2017. Disadvantaged pupils currently at the school are consistently making positive rates of progress across a wide range of subjects and year groups.