At Queen Elizabeth High School, Bredenbury Primary School and St Peters Primary School, we  promote and support all pupils and their families to access Early help services. Below you will find a list of school based, local and national services. However if you feel these do not meet your needs, please contact a member of the Safeguarding and Wellbeing team who will offer support and advice.  

The Safeguarding and Wellbeing Team present across the three schools is coordinated by Mrs Kim Lane – Safeguarding and Inclusion Executive Lead, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Single point of contact and Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead 

Contact details: Telephone 01885 482230

There are two family support workers who although based in primary and secondary will work over the three schools to support families when present in differing schools but also due to their specific area of expertise. 

Within QEHS, Mrs Lisa Davies is Pupil and a family support worker and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Contact details: Telephone 01885 482230

Across St Peters and Bredenbury Primary Schools, Miss Pippa Jones is the Pupil and family Support worker and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Contact Details: Telephone St Peters 01885 483237 or Bredenbury 01885 483253 

All teachers and staff members can put you in touch with the above key staff members or you can email or call direct into school and speak them personally. 

List of school based, local and national services

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Wellbeing and Emotional Support Team (WEST)

At QEHS we are fortunate to have Mrs Mercy Badaei as our Mental Health Practitioner in School. This service is currently only for Secondary pupils but will be offered county wide to the Primary school within the near future.

Mrs Badaei is in school on Thursdays conducting 1:1 counselling session as well as small group work. Mrs Badaei also supports the school in our Relationship and Sex Education and Personal Social and Health Education with targeted teaching sessions to all year groups.

This service is on a referral basis and Mrs Davies, Miss Godsall and Mrs Guiver are able to discuss this with parents.

Additionally, you will find support materials and further information regarding this service on our website.

Education Mental Health Information

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