As a Licensed DofE Centre we are able to provide our students with the opportunity to undertake ‘the world’s leading achievement award for young people’.

Taking part in the programme has numerous benefits for our students. It allows them to increase their self-confidence, develop self-esteem, learn practical skills for the workplace, and demonstrate to potential employers essential qualities such as reliability, commitment, decision-making, planning, communication, leadership and teamwork. As a result of these benefits The DofE is consistently identified, by employers, colleges and universities, as one of the most important activities undertaken at school and can improve a person’s employability prospects.

The DofE has 3 progressive levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. At QEHS we are able to assist students in completing the first two levels of The Award. There are four sections to complete at Bronze and Silver level; physical, skill, volunteering and expedition. Our students fulfill the requirements of these sections within the local community and during extra-curricular activities at school, with expeditions taking place in local countryside, and further afield in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty such as The Gower Peninsula. Many pupils already take part in activities that can count towards sections of their award and thus gain recognition for things that they already enjoy doing.

In order to attempt the award pupils need to commit to weekly DofE sessions, expedition planning and training, and both practice and qualifying expedition weekends.

In 2016, our inaugural year, we have twenty year 10 participants all hoping to complete their bronze award.

DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD website click here