We give pupils the opportuinity to develop their ideas regarding their professional career path after completing their GCSEs at the QE. These will include information trips to Hereford Sixth Form College, Worcester University and a University that is a member of the Russell Group:

Year 10 Autumn – 6th form college. We take a group of year 10s to the 6th form college to look at how subjects can be selected and the avenues which are suitable for different professions.

Year 10 Spring/ Summer – Worcester University. We take a look at the applied degree course and local options for our pupils to further their education.

Autumn Y11 – a University visit to one of the Russell Group universities (more ‘prestigious’; more ‘academic’; more relevant to choices such as law, medicine etc; moving further from home)

Some of the facts covered during the university visits:

  • The route to university – ie. a-levels; applying to UCAS; conditional offers depending on points/ grades achieved
  • Making the opportunities at university clearer – a taster of the academic study; formal social (clubs) and informal social events and facilities for undergraduates
  • The accommodation options which are available to them
  • The way student loans and repayment operates to hopefully make it a less intimidating route.

Some of the comments folowing the university visits from pupils:

“I found that student loans aren’t actually anywhere near as bad as I thought which increases my desire to go”

“The day was really good and I learned a lot about the path (course) I need to take in order to get there”

“I learned how student debt works and how to get onto courses; which university to go to and how long you stay at university to get a degree”.

“I found out that it was not as scary as people make out and not as expensive. I also learned that you could take a gap year before going back into education”

KS3 opportunities:

We also give pupils the oportuinuty to excel in their filed of expertise by making other enrichment trips available such as a trip to Lucton School for a ‘Maths Picnic’ – teams of three from years 9 and 10 compete against other schools. This is to increase enjoyment of maths but also to improve problem solving, team work and communication. Other activities such as this will be made avaliable when they arise.

Year 9 Autumn

Trip to Lucton for the Maths Picnic – a team of pupils come along and look to improve, problem solving skills, teamwork and communication.