Music Lessons

Instrument Exam Boards Grade Information about the lessons
Guitar Royal Associated Board
Rock School
RGT acoustic Guitar grades
1-8 The exam board is picked depending on the style each child wants to target. Skills are learnt, such as scales, music reading and guitar tab, arpeggios, finger-picking techniques, classical guitar techniques, improvisation and song-writing.

Steel Pans

At the core of the ethos at Queen Elizabeth High School is a commitment to helping our students to achieve above and beyond their expectations and be able to contribute well to their local community and society as a whole.  Students are respected as individuals and supported so that they believe and achieve.  As an integral part of our curriculum offer, we hope to aid this goal through our delivery of SMSC, PSHE and British Values by creating an educational environment in which pupils are encouraged and stimulated to develop academically and personally, and to grow into themselves as confident, thoughtful and considerate people who are ready to move on to the next stage of their lives.

We believe that the school should actively promote all students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development by providing positive experiences through planned and coherent opportunities in the curriculum and through interactions with teachers, other adults and the local community.

SMSC and British Values are promoted through the school programme of PHSE and Citizenship as well as embedded throughout the school curriculum.  PSHE and Citizenship is delivered through 3 whole school Drop-Down Days, Form time sessions, the assembly programme, delivery through lessons where suitable opportunities to do so are present and additional events.  We endeavour to offer a varied and holistic experience to enable our young people to be responsible, reflective and active citizens with a strong awareness of British values.  Our intention is to help our students to develop a set of core values and beliefs that will sustain them through life and see them through the dilemmas, choices and difficulties that they are bound to encounter at one point or another.

We aim to help our students to develop a reflective approach to themselves and to the world around them, one that is based on an informed understanding, tolerance and acceptance of others.

The PSHE, SMSC and British Values Coordinator in school is Miss L Gwilliam.  Each faculty has their own response to the delivery of these key areas through the curriculum that they provide and within their Programmes for Learning.