At Queen Elizabeth High School, we know we are entrusted to ensure that our pupils are supported through their secondary school life so that they believe in themselves and achieve their potential, this is why our mantra of Support. Believe. Achieve. is central to everything we do. We also understand the importance of community, both within the school and the wider locality and how our work impacts community.

In a small rural market town setting, Queen Elizabeth High School recognises the major role it plays in both being a part of that community and in delivering the next generations who will contribute to the growth and development of the area for decades to come.

We are a school built on mutual respect and on tolerance towards others. There is a real sense of belonging from all involved with the school. We want our pupils to see that working together and looking after each other is what community and being a good citizen is all about.

We value each and every pupil for what they can bring to our school and seek to provide them with the stability, skills, and aspiration to succeed. We want our pupils to leave us with their heads held high as they move on to even greater success, knowing they achieved their best and are equipped to take up their place in wider society, whatever that may be.