Introducing Student Services

Queen Elizabeth High School is committed to providing additional help for each student, enabling staff to provide an individual ‘needs led’ approach to learning. This can be provided via 1:1 tuition for Literacy and Numeracy or coaching from our Training Instructor and Teaching Assistants. All students with Additional Educational Needs are identified, assessed and monitored closely by our Additional Educational Needs Coordinator and support staff. Additionally, students have the opportunity to access on-site Careers Advice, School Nurse, Counsellors and Youth Services within the newly opened Student Services Centre.

What we teach

Support for students is carried out in a number of ways.

Educational Support

  • Interventions with in the Student Services Centre in core areas of the curriculum
  • Reading programmes with peer support
  • Guided reading with Teaching Assistants
  • Support within class with Teaching Assistants
  • Withdrawal groups with Teaching Assistants

Social Interventions and Activities

  • Lunchtime Youth Group
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Targeted Youth Support
  • Language and Communication
  • Personal Development  and Self Esteem
  • Counselling