The Library at QE

After lots of tidying, re-organising and labelling of books, the library is now ready for another year. It has been fantastic to see so many students coming up the library at lunchtimes, especially the new Year 7s who seem to be really enjoying using the resource.

We believe the library provides the perfect place to:

  • Use the computers and wide variety of books to complete any homework.
  • Play a game from the selection at a table.
  • Read a book after you’ve eaten your lunch.
  • Revise for upcoming exams in the quiet environment.

As there is such a large range of books in the library it is really useful to help with homework. From cookery to GCSE PE, poetry to languages, you can always rely on the library having a useful book to use as an aid to your work.

As we are in our final year at QE, we can guarantee that our library is currently better than ever. So finally, we really hope that everyone continues to enjoy using it!

Written by Rowan and Ellie, Y11.