Welcome from the Executive Headteacher

At Queen Elizabeth High School, we want our pupils to achieve above and beyond their expectations and be able to contribute positively to their local community and wider society. In order to succeed, our pupils must achieve academic success so that they can follow a pathway of their choosing, but of equal importance, they must also appreciate the role they have to play in their current and future communities.

One of the most important decisions we can ever make as a parent is who to entrust the education of our children to. As a parent myself, I understand the need for parents and carers to feel assured that the school they send their children to is the right choice and gives them the very best start in life as they develop into well rounded members of society.

Our pupils feel safe and happy, they enjoy coming to school and appreciate that being part of a smaller school means they are respected for the individuals they are. They understand what it means to be part of a small community and where their responsibilities lie. Their kind and caring nature means that they value others and are charitable in their nature.

As a school we have met the challenges presented by the pandemic head on and have maintained a high standard of education throughout. Our school has been amongst the very safest places for children to be and disruption has been minimised as a result.

We are a school that Bromyard and the surrounding area can be proud of, where our pupils are supported so that they believe in their ability and achieve their potential.

Mr Martin Farmer BEd (hons), NPQH
Executive Headteacher Queen Elizabeth High School Bromyard